April 23, 2012

Fuel carp Bendega

Fuel carp / carp-style restaurant bendega Grill is perfect eaten with complementary, ie matah sauce. Especially enjoyed with loved ones in the natural atmosphere of cool nan, such as lakes, mountains or rice paddies.

Fuel carp ingredient:

     Carp, 1 whole (about 300 grams), clean from scales and gills
     Orange juice, 1 piece
     Bay leaves, 3 pieces
     Cooking oil, 2 tablespoons

Subtle spice:

     Red peppers, 5 pieces
     Cayenne pepper, 3 pieces (optional)
     Pecans, 3 eggs
     Powder small size, 3 pieces
     Turmeric, 2 knuckles
     Salt, to taste
     Sugar, to taste

How to cook carp Fuel:

     Squeeze lime over the fish body until blended.
     Heat oil and sauté ground spices and bay leaves until fragrant. Angkkat.
     Bake until partially cooked fish and occasionally reversed. Lift.
     Rub fish with spice stir-fry until blended, roasted and cooked the fish back up the flavors to infuse while turning occasionally. Lift. Serve warm with sauce matah.

Matah Sambal recipe:


     Onions, 5 grains, thinly sliced
     Lemon grass, 2 stalks, thinly sliced
     Great chili, 2 fruit, thinly sliced
     Coconut oil is hot, 50 ml
     Lemon juice, 1 piece
     shrimp paste to taste
     Salt, to taste
     Flavoring, 1/4 teaspoon

How to make Sambal matah:

     Knead all the ingredients are sliced​​.
     Add shrimp, salt and flavorings. Stir well.
     Pour the coconut oil and add the lemon juice. Stir well.
     Matah sauce ready to serve.

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