April 23, 2012

Pucung cork fish recipes

Fish recipe below Pucung cork from a typical Betawi, so do not wonder why the recipe is very different composition. The important result will be more powerful and delicious. Good luck with your recipe pucungnya cork, good luck
Fish Seasoning ingredients cork:

~ 2 pinkie or 2 cm turmeric
~ 2 btr hazelnut
~ 1 or 2 cm lenkuas thumb
~ 3 pcs red chili curly
~ 2 pinkie or 2 cm kencur
~ 3 cloves garlic
~ 1 stalk lemongrass, crushed
~ 5 spring onions
Lbr ~ 1 bay leaf
* Salt to taste
~ Paste to taste
Fish recipe ingredients cork Pucung:

~ 5 pcs Pucung or kluwek / keluak
~ 2 cork fresh fish
How to make Fish cork Pucung Betawi:

Phase 1: Clean the fish cork. Sprinkle with lime juice and lime juice
Phase 2: Fried fish cooked cork to dry. Later in the drain
Stage 3: Unless lemongrass, bay leaves, and kluwek, puree the whole thing.
Stage 4: Saute in oil until fragrant / a little oil
Step 5: Add 1 liter of water, kluwek, lemongrass, and bay leaves, boiled to a boil, add salt to taste
Step 6: Pour the sauce on fried fish cork.
Step 7: Serve on a platter cork pucungnya

This recipe for 2 servings of fish can Pucung cork.

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